How to create A GAME from scratch
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650+ Students
Step-By-Step Process
Nothing is skipped over. We go over the entire process to create a game using UE5. Completed lesson projects provided.
New Game Dev Features
Be one of the first unreal games to make use of UE5's amazing new features like dynamic global illumination and nanite.
All Resources Provided
All the assets used for this game are available to download for free so students can follow along precisely.

Program Advance Gameplay Mechanics with Blueprints

Learn how to create a game without a single line of code, no coding skills required! Everything is handled by Unreal's amazing visual scripting language called Blueprints. We break up our game into individual objects making the design easier and giving room for iteration.

Worldbuilding with Lumen and Nanite

Finally we will fill in our blocked out levels with realistic assets to breath life into our game. All assets are free from Unreal's high quality photo-scanned library. This is also the part where we establish a story for our game to keep our players engaged!

Save Game and Menus

A game is not complete without a main menu and options menu for the player. We go over the fundamentals of creating menus so that our player can change settings, load and save progress, and quite the game.

Create an Executable Program and Share Your Game

The last part of this chapter goes over how to compile your game into a portable executable file! This allows you to share your game on the internet or even upload to a game store like Steam.


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