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Master the Fundamentals

The goal of this course is to gain a fundamental understanding of Unreal Engine 5.

Real Time Rendering for Everyone

This course was created for every industry including game development, filmmaking, animation, and architectural visualization. The Unreal Masterclass is made for everyone.

Amazing Worlds

Learn all the secrets behind photoreal environments and animation including realistic materials and lighting.

Full Development Process

Nothing is skipped over. All videos are careful step-by-step tutorials going over all relevant information.

All Future Content Included

This course is a living product. It will continually be updated and added onto. Current content is just the beginning.

No 3D Experience Required

Whether you are familiar with 3D programs or completely new to the industry, this course has been designed for everyone.

What you'll learn in this course

With over 50+ hours of Unreal Engine 5 content you will learn how to:


Understand the core concepts behind visual scripting to create interactable programs or speed up your workflow.

Environment Design

Learn to use UE5's new features like Lumen, Nanite, and Packed level instances to kitbash amazing worlds.

Advance Materials

Bring control to your material graphs by learning vertex painting and material functions.


Leverage the full power of sequencer to animate everything in Unreal with keyframes and the curve editor.


Correctly render high quality sequences that make use of ray tracing and virtual lightmaps.

Special Effects

Learn Unreal's advance special effects system called Niagara to create stunning animated visuals.

3D Modeling

The basics of 3D modeling directly in Unreal! Learn how to edit nanite objects or create them from scratch.

Realistic Landscapes

Take landscapes to the next level with all the secrets to creating a versatile auto material revealed.

Complete Game Creation

The only course that shows how to create a game from scratch. From level design to option menus.

Architecture Visualization

The secrets to realistic architecture renders are soon to be revealed as well as best practices for a speedy workflow.

Coming Soon Unreal Virtual Production

Unreal is the future of filmmaking. Gain a new understanding of Unreal's production tools.

Coming Soon Virtual Reality Essentials

Virtual Reality has never been more relevant. Start to turn your 2D environments into interactable VR spaces.

See what members say!

Petar Puljiz
Visual Artist At Trap Nation

Unreal was scary for me since I come from a VFX background. Having Zach beside me and his excellent teaching skills I overcame fears and ignorance with joy. If I could do it I would do it the same.

Christina Myrvold
Co-Founder Of POLYCOSM

Using 3D is crucial in my illustrative workflow, and when I made the move from Blender to UE5, Unreal Sensei had my back. The course is incredibly beginner friendly (while covering advanced topics!), and I'd have a much harder time getting as far as I have without it.

Siddharth Shinde
Student At Design Media

As a Game Design student in a country like India where resources to learn from are limited, I was lucky to find Unreal Sensei. I am very happy with the amount of progress that I have made learning Unreal Engine in a short period of time. Glad to be part of this community.

Terry Nguyen
3D Generalist

I am a complete beginner to the 3D space. Unreal Engine is such an overwhelming tool but after going through this course I was confident my skills had a good foundation to grow from. A thorough and professional experience.

Graeme Harvie
3D Artist

Learning a new program is always daunting but I found Sensei's teaching style to be very easy and simple to follow. I'm really enjoying his UE5 Masterclass and learning so much, so quickly. I would recommend it to anyone!

Josh Purple
Freelance Artist

UE5 is the ultimate program to know and learn and right now, and no one does a better job at teaching it than Unreal Sensei. His Masterclass has been priceless, he makes learning and creating with UE5 a breeze.

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